10 things you might not know about me….

Usually I keep this blog mainly about my clients and their gorgeous photos but today I thought I’d get a bit more personal. After all, if you hire me we are going to be spending some time together.

Here are some things about me that you might not have known…

1. After the birth of my children I decided to study accounting at Tafe. I’ve always been interested in numbers, budgets, spreadsheets etc. I completed Cert III in Financial Services and have worked part time in accounts positions since then.


2. I am a true Virgo. I am organised, a perfectionist, analytical, loyal and reliable. This is me. I know some of my traits can annoy others especially my need for organisation but it is essential to me, it’s how I feel safe.


3. I’ve never been outside of Australia but I would love to travel one day to Italy and the Greek Islands. Italy looks amazing. I am intrigued by the beautiful cities, the landscape and Italian is my favourite language. The Greek Islands that most appeal to me are Mykonos and Santorini. Stunning looking places.


4. I don’t drink coffee at all. I am however a tea drinker and I have recently become a huge fan of Chai Lattes. If you are ever south of Hobart, call into Jam and Bread at Margate for one of their Chocolate Chai Lattes…. so yum!


5. I have such a varied taste in music and some might say “daggy” too. My iPod includes music from Dire Straits, Cat Stevens, Kenny Rogers, Bon Jovi, Belinda Carlilse, Miley Cyrus, The John Butler Trio and Lisa Mitchell.


6. I really love football!! Growing up I always wished I could play. I love watching my boys play football as well as my beloved Geelong Football Club.


7. I’m an incredibly fussy eater. For the first 29 years of my life I wouldn’t eat Hokey Pokey icecream because I assumed I wouldn’t like it. It turns out I really love Hokey Pokey icecream.


8. As a child and teenager I used to write poetry. It was a way of dealing with my teenage angst. I still have my book full of poems.


9. I am obsessed with the colour purple. I will buy things simply because they are purple. It’s my happy colour.


10. My first dream as a photographer is to take photos for a baby magazine. My second dream is to photograph the baby of someone famous. I don’t mean a big A list celebrity, but a sportsperson or an Australian actor/singer.


To find out more about me as a photographer you can visit my about me page.

Peta Nikel


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