Newborn Goodness – Highlights from April

April proved to be a busy month in my Hobart newborn photography studio which saw me photographing some gorgeous babies. I saw the return of a family who welcomed their second baby, a little boy. I am so honoured that they chose me yet again to capture these precious first moments in their baby’s life.

I have been photographing babies for over 5 years now and I never tire of watching new parents bonding with their newborns. They are quite amazed and besotted by this tiny new baby who has blessed their lives. It is so lovely to see, especially daddies who have been wrapped around their tiny little fingers.

After photographing his Mummy’s maternity portraits it was a delight to welcome Rory into the studio at 11 days old. He had the cutest little lips.

Squishy newborn baby portraits in studio - Hobart

Delightful newborn baby portraits taken in Hobart studio

Gorgeous baby yawn - newborn portraits taken in Hobart studio

I photographed big sister Mila’s newborn portraits¬† and I was happy to see the family return for Angus’s photo shoot.

Newborn portaits taken in Hobart

Sibling Love - Baby portraits taken in Hobart

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