Where do I find all my beautiful props?… Hobart Baby Photographer

This is a question I am frequently asked by clients and by other photographers.

I love to source beautiful items. I generally like to stick to soft neutral colours with the addition of a small amount of Lemon, baby pink and baby blue, and of course purple as it’s my favourite colour. Everyone is different and the colours you purchase will depend on what suits your baby or if you are a photographer it will depend on your individual style.

Just like any other thing in life, you generally get what you pay for in most cases (of course there are always exceptions to the rules). A reputable prop seller will have correct sizing for bonnets etc and use quality resources to make their products . There is nothing worse than spending money on props only to find it won’t fit your subjects or it stretches out of shape easily.

So are you ready to go shopping?  Here are my top 5  favourite prop vendors…

Little Noggins Hobart based, silk webs, snuggle pouches and felted bonnets

Studio Baby – Fabric and Props by Lush   Lots of lovely fabric backdrops

Love that Prop   Beanies, wraps etc

Little Doe Beanies, wraps etc

Studio Styling Blankets, wraps and other larger items

I have quite a few more but I will save them for another time. I am sure this is enough to keep you busy for now!

I also suggest browsing Etsy.com for lots of handmade items, not just props.

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