People I admire…

In this industry there are so many to people who inspire me everyday but I have compiled a list of three people who I admire and who in someway have  made a difference to me or the way I do things, and probably without realising it.

1. Angie Baxter

At the very beginning of my photography journey I attended one of Angie’s “Love your Camera” workshops. She is a fantastic teacher, a great photographer and such a lovely down to earth person. I admire her family values also. It’s always very clear how much Angie’s family means to her and she manages to juggle the whole mum/business woman thing really well.  Visit her websites to find out more – Love your Camera and Angie Baxter Photographer




2. David Watson

David is the brains behind Strategy Point. He helps to improve small businesses marketing strategies. I have heard him speak at the 2013 AIPP Nikon Event and also attended one of his workshops. He is extremely motivating and gave me the push I needed to start thinking about my online presence. He’s also a funny guy! If that’s not enough, he is also a fan of Cher and shares his birthday with me. You can see more of what David does by visiting his website and many other social media platforms – Strategy Point


3. Kelly Brown

I guess you could say Kelly is my photography idol. She is who I want to be when I “grow up”. Kelly is a fantastic newborn photographer, she has such a beautiful style and is wonderful in the way she works with babies. She is very open in sharing information through her mentoring, training videos and creative live sessions. Her award images never cease to blow me away. See some of her beautiful newborn photography on her website – Little Pieces Photography by Kelly Brown

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