Holiday Snaps – {Tasmanian Photographer}

My family and I just spent a few relaxing days away camping on the East Coast of Tasmania. While the weather left a lot to be desired (typical unpredictable Tasmanian Summer), we still had a lovely time just chilling out.

I decided before I left that I wanted to leave my camera at home. I have to admit that I am regretting it a little bit but I did capture some lovely photos with my iPhone.

Here are a couple of before and afters that I edited in Photoshop…

Bicheno Tasmania Before and After

Bicheno Tasmania Before and After

With both images I increased contrast and saturation. I also increased exposure and added some warmth.

The first photo’s focus is a little too soft for my liking which means I probably won’t print it but I still think it’s a nice one to keep.

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