The Making of an Award Winning Print – Hobart Newborn Photographer

Have you ever wondered what goes into making an award winning print?

When Ivy’s mum came to me with this idea for her annual birthday shoot I was excited… a little nervous about working with a dog… but mostly excited.

Shortly after this discussion I had hopes that I could create an award worthy image from this session.

I have this photo in my studio and it gets a lot of comments. I love to tell people how it was put together. It was actually created from 3 separate images.

The first image is this one. Shortly after we arrived at the location I realised we were going to lose the sun behind the hills, so I quickly snapped a photo of the scene just in case I needed it… and I did!

award images peta nikel photography

The second image is the one and only photo I got of Cena the bulldog. What’s that saying about working with kids and animals?

award images peta nikel photography

The third image is the one I used as my base image. I loved the excitement on Ivy’s face as she looked at the baby chicken in her teacup (not part of the original plan but a welcome addition).

award images peta nikel photography
And finally this my silver award winning image with some final tweaks and a temperature boost to make the image a whole lot warmer.

award images peta nikel photography

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