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So you’ve just booked your first ever Newborn photo session and you are excited to capture these gorgeous squishy newborn photos but a few “what ifs” keep popping up in your head. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal to be nervous about the unknown. Every concern you have, there have been many parents before you that have felt the same way. I am completely prepared for any curve balls that come my way.

To help put your mind at ease, I’d like to address some of these concerns;

1 – My baby has been so unsettled, what if he/she cries the whole time?

This is without a doubt the most worrying thing for parents who come to my studio. After countless newborn sessions I have been able to develop an environment that is both relaxing and soothing for babies and parents. Once baby has a nice full belly I use different techniques to soothe your baby into a sleepy state. Some babies are easily lulled into dreamland while others take a while to relax in there new surroundings. This is perfectly normal and I’m a very patient person. We give baby the time he or she needs to get to that point. The best thing you can do is to stay relaxed yourself as baby will sense any tension.

Hobart Newborn Photographer
2 – OMG, I hope baby doesn’t soil your white blankets!!

I understand that the first instinct is to be horrified if your baby goes to the toilet during their session but there is a wonderful creation that we like to call a washing machine. All of my blankets are machine washable and are washed after each session whether they are soiled or not. It has happened before many times and is bound to happen again in the future.

3 – I breastfeed my newborn, are you ok with that?

My answer to this is, most definitely. Feeding your baby until he/she has a full belly is one of the most important steps to creating a successful photo shoot. A high percentage of my clients breastfeed their babies. You will find that my studio is private allowing you to comfortably breastfeed without distraction. Similarly, if your baby is bottle fed, I have facilities available for warming babies bottle.

And just one more that springs to mind “Is my baby going to be safe?”

This is a big one! Your precious new baby is very vulnerable in he/she’s first few weeks. Please be assured that my immunisations are up to date (including whooping cough) . I also hold a current “working with children” card. I will never compromise your baby’s safety, always placing them in safe poses and using composites when needed to capture a pose in the safest way possible.

I hope this helps to put some of your concerns to rest so you can come along relaxed, sit down with a cuppa and watch me capture some precious photos of your little one.

Hobart Baby Photographer

Peta is a multi award winning and AIPP accredited newborn photographer in the Hobart area. Book your newborn session today via the contact form.

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