When we think of the connection we share with our children it is so deep and all encompassing that it transcends time and there is not a word adequate enough to describe it. It is a bond that begins often before you have ever even laid eyes upon your child and it remains forever after. What begins as your child holding your hand becomes them holding your heart. When you become a parent everyone tells you about the sleepless nights, the toddler tantrums and how you will bend and fold to make a life for your child. But no one can ever explain properly the way your child alters the fabric of who you are. The way you wish you could capture their laugh and hold it to your ear like a seashell to hear it, or the way you treasure a worn out toy as though it is precious because it is beloved to your child. Parents are forged in the most beautiful way, we exist in the moments, we are the keepers of memories.

It was my privilege to capture these moments with Layla and her family. A keepsake of these early days.

In memory of Holly.

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