“Very few things happen at the right time and the rest do not happen at all.” – Herodotus

It almost seems as if there is never a perfect time to begin a family, no matter how excited you may feel, there will always be concerns that make you wonder if you are really ready, however – anyone who longs to share their love with a child of their own, will soon find that there is nothing in the world that will ever be able to compare or replace that craving, that isn’t the beating heart and dancing feet within you. A reminder – while you may worry it is not the right time, there is never really a wrong time to begin your family, either.

When you first lay eyes on the plus sign staring back at you so many thoughts and emotions rush over you – panic, excitement, worry, happiness; a glimpse into the next nine months. As months go on, and you begin to show, it is impossible to not begin dreaming of this new life you cradle within you – waiting to share with the world. You may find yourself wondering, “What will their voice sound like?” “How will they sleep?” “What will their hobbies be when they are older?”; it is easy to feel overwhelmed with all these questions unanswered, and yet the days roll on anyway – whether or not you think you are ready.

Then the day arrives and you feel your little family curled around each other and nothing else matters. Not the nine months of worries, not your nine months of questions, not the sleepless nights, not even the timing. Because in this moment you know that everything is right, everything is perfect.

It was a blessing to be able to capture some moments of little Franklin and his wonderful little family – so happy and full of love.

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