The days fly by…

The nights slowly become a little bit more sleep filled. The little fists that once would just barely curl around one of your fingers, now clenched as they run through the kindergarten gates. The little piece of you, once small enough to hold entirely within your arms, now carelessly shake themselves free from your hug as they jump into their first day of school. The once little feet that cautiously took their first steps while you hovered eagerly by their side, now taking leaps into college. The once little smile, where you used to keep an eye closely on for first teeth, now bigger than before, as they now take you into their arms and hold you, boxes by their side, car out the front and new home keys held tightly in their hands.

The days fly by, faster than anyone wanted, quicker than anyone is ready for. It is important for us to remember to embrace the moment and live in the present.

It was a pleasure to be able to see how much little Phoebe has grown since our first session together, and capture some precious moments for her family to hold onto, forever.


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