Did you Miss the Opportunity to have a Newborn Session?

For whatever reason you may have missed out on having newborn photos taken. Perhaps you didn’t realize you wanted newborn photos until baby had already been born, you may have had some complications in the early days or just been way too sleep deprived to think about it, or most recently you may have missed out because of all the shutdowns caused by Covid-19.

Whatever the reason may be, all hope is not lost. I want to show you all the ways I can still capture your new baby and your family.

Older Newborn Session (up to 6 weeks old)

Although the ideal time for newborn photos is in the first 2 weeks after baby is born, it is still possible to capture some beautiful newborn style photos up to around 6 weeks. 

By 6 weeks old, baby is likely to be less sleepy and not as easily posed into different positions but keeping this in mind we can work with a modified workflow, including wrapping baby as well as possibly capturing some awake images too.

Once baby is past the 6 week timeframe, I recommend waiting to have them photographed at a 3 month old session.

Baby Evie @ 6 weeks old

3 Month Old Session

At a 3 month old session, the pressure is off for baby to be sleepy. They are likely to be very alert, inquisitive and starting to smile. This is the perfect age for those bright eyed photos with baby on their tummy and back, as they will not be sitting just yet. 

Xander at his 3 month old session

An Older Baby/Sitter Session (6-10 months)

After newborn sessions, my older baby sessions are my favourite. As the description implies, these sessions are perfect for when babies are sitting but not yet moving around too much. This allows us to capture their developing personalities and their adorable smiles. We have quite a few options for photographing a baby once they are sitting, including the use of props such as baskets or crates for them to sit in. I have some of the most gorgeous classic style outfits for this age group to use for their sessions.

Clementine at her sitter session

First Birthday Portraits

The final stage of baby photography is my first birthday photography. Baby is well and truly on the move by now, either crawling or sometimes even walking so these sessions are a little more busy. 

These sessions can be photographed as a regular portrait session but sometimes my clients choose to book a Cake Smash Session. A cake, simple setup and outfit are provided for these sessions, where baby begins by getting their hands dirty eating/smashing/playing with a cake and finishes with a little splash in a tub to clean up.

Mia + Kohen’s First Birthday Cake Smash Session

All of my sessions have the option to include family photos too. So if you feel as though you missed out of the opportunity to have photos of your little one, I hope one of these options appeals to you. Please get in touch so we can organise a very special photo shoot for your family.

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