Local Business in Focus… {Hobart Commercial Photographer}

My recent competition brought to my attention some exceptional business in and around my local area.

I have asked Andrea Webster (owner of Southern TazPilates) to tell more information on what her business is about…

Southern TazPilates


SOUTHERN TAZPILATES is a professional allied health business located in Brighton and Sandy Bay. Southern TazPilates offers Clinical Pilates classes and movement therapy and both human and equine Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy. Southern TazPilates caters for all ages and abilities.

Pilates focuses on the correct activation of specific muscle groups to assist in core stability and skeletal support. Through Pilates changes can be noticed in strength, flexibility, balance, posture and the tone of muscles.

Apart from fun and fitness other benefits include relief from back or joint pain, re-education of muscle patterns after an accident or illness, stress-release and pre-natal post-natal therapy. Specialty classes are also available for sport conditioning such as dance, equestrian and football. Andrea is registered through the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA), a nationally recognised association.

Myofascial Release is a direct pressure technique which facilitates correction of functional and structural issues. MFR releases ligament, tendon and muscle allowing then for the bone to return to normal function. MFR helps with musculoskeletal dysfunction as a result of injury or illness by restoring range of motion (ROM), athletic ability, power, strength and endurance.

Southern TazPilates is the only business of its type outside the city area and has been welcomed by the wider Brighton community. The in-studio clinical equipment enables a wide variety of programs to be offered at varying levels of difficulty. Southern TazPilates provides choice of mat classes from beginner to advanced. It also caters for private and small group studio-equipment sessions. Health fund rebates apply. If you have any further questions please contact Andrea on 0439 938 403 or email southerntazpilates@hotmail.com

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