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As first time parents you often have lots of questions about what to do and how to do it. And similarly so do first time newborn photography clients. That’s why I thought it was best to get these questions straight from you, so I could shed some light on what to expect when you turn up at your newborn session. Thank you to all those lovely people who put their hand up and asked questions!

Do I need a full & sleepy baby?

Most of the newborn photos you see on my website are of babies under 2 weeks old. Having baby content and sleepy will allow me to capture those gorgeous curled up poses you will see in my newborn gallery. I suggest feeding baby at the start of your session when you arrive at the studio. There will also be time in between if baby needs comforting or a top up of milk. If your baby has awake time we can also capture some gorgeous photos of him/her wrapped and giving eye contact.

What should I wear to my baby’s newborn session?

I suggest keeping clothing simple to tie in with the clean, classic style of my newborn photography. I find blacks, whites, creams, greys and soft pastel colours work well for parents and siblings. When choosing outfits for your family, think about colours that will compliment each other. It is best to avoid clothing with pictures, words, logos or cartoon characters, as well as really bold and bright patterns.

How long will my newborn session take?

Your newborn session will take approx 2-3 hours but I ask that you refrain from booking appointments within the hour following to allow for extra time if it’s required.

Can I bring along special items to include in my photographs?

I love nothing more than giving your photographs a personal touch. In the past I have included special blankets knitted by grandma and favourite teddy bears. I love when people bring items that depict their family history. If you let me know prior to your session I can think about the best way to tell your story.

Are siblings welcome at my newborn session?

Siblings are more than welcome at your newborn session, they are a very important part of the family and it’s great to capture this special time when they are getting to know your new baby. Please keep in mind that these sessions can be long, exhausting and a wee bit boring for children so where possible I suggest a trip to the local park with dad/grandma/friend or similar after the sibling and family photos have been taken.

Can I show you examples of photos I would like?

I like to ensure my photographs represent my style but I am open to being asked to recreate a photo with my own unique take on it. The exception to this would be anything that I don’t feel can be achieved safely or selective colouring (sorry guys this style is in the past where it needs to stay!)

Let me know what you think below and if you have a question you’d like to add, please send it through to info@petanikelphotography.com.au

Hobart Newborn Photographer

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