5 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Photographer

After being in the photography industry for approx. 7 years I’ve learned lots of lessons along the way. I’d like to share with you my top 5;

1 – Find What You Love and Do That

In the beginning I knew that I loved photography but I wasn’t sure what type of photography was for me. I photographed everything including landscapes, weddings, families, babies. You name it, I would photograph it. I think this was an essential step as doing all of this made me realise where my passion lies. I enjoyed working with babies so much and being a part of this special journey with families. Then came that a-ha moment when I realised this is what I was meant to do. Finding my niche and then specialising in that area has allowed me to hone my craft because I live and breathe newborn and baby photography.

2 – Get it Right in Camera

In the digital age we can often fall into the trap of overshooting and depending on your style of photography this might work in your favour. I have found that over the years I have starting thinking more about what I want my final photograph to look like and now click the shutter less. I check things like exposure, I set a custom white balance, I move unwanted items in my frame and I make sure my blankets are smooth. By thinking ahead and preparing for my final photograph before I click the shutter, means I can devote more of my editing time to creative enhancement rather than fixing issues.

3 – Less is More

Before using a prop I ask myself, does this add to the final image? Similarly, before editing a photograph I ask myself, is what I am about to do going to enhance the foundation of what is already there? There is so much beauty in simplicity and capturing the true essence of my subjects, especially newborns. My favourite newborn photographs are those that are uncomplicated, where the personality and innocence of the subject shines through.

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4 – Be Original

“Some of the most wonderful people are the ones who don’t fit into boxes” ~ Tori Amos

With so many talented photographers in the world to inspire us it can be tempting to want to be just like them. The key word here is “inspire”. Let yourself be inspired but put your own spin on it, make it authentically you. It takes time to find your place and put your finger on exactly what your photographic style is but over time your creativity will show in your work. Your style is unique and is really an extension of your personality.

It took me a while to be able to describe exactly what my style is but now it is something I relish in. I have this passion for providing classic, natural and timeless photographs and I get so excited when a client shares this vision for their new baby’s first portraits.

5 – A Support Group is Invaluable

As a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) I regularly attend workshops, awards and social gatherings with other local Tasmanian members. I am really proud to belong to a group of people who are so supportive. Whether I need encouragement, help with a problem or just a someone to talk to, I can always count on these guys. I have made so many friends in this industry for which I am very grateful.

5 lessons I've learned as a photographer

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