“I would have given anything to keep her little. They outgrow us so much faster than we outgrow them.” – Jodi Picoult

Children grow up so fast. Too fast. Right before our eyes and faster than you realise. You watch as they look at the world for the first time, as they discover their toes. As they conquer their first roll over and take their very first steps – and you never forget to show your excitement. You made sure to stay nearby as they learnt to climb because that’s when the mischief really started to happen. Then suddenly, before you know it, yesterday was a year ago and your little one has grown up so much already! Creating their own character and ever-so-gracefully becoming their own person.

I couldn’t believe how much little Charlie had grown since his Newborn Photoshoot! Smiling, laughing, playing with Mum and Dad outside the studio – a truly beautiful family. Happy 1st Birthday, Charlie! Don’t turn 2 too soon!


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