You forget the little things.

You forget how chubby their cheeks were and just how tiny their toes used to be. You forget about their little button nose and how peaceful they would look when napping. You forget about all those times when their chuckles would leave yourself in a fit of laughter, about the times when they were first discovering how to play – getting glimpses at their own blossoming personality.

But every now and then we remember; when we see a sleeping baby in a pram, hear the vibrancy of a toddlers laughter in the shops, or when we look through old photo albums of precious memories past.

It’s easy to forget the little things in the chaos of life, when you swap sleeping infants and first smiles for school lunches and sports games. It’s so important to capture the details. Life happens in the small moments.

It was a pleasure to capture some moments of little Oscar for his parent to hold on to forever.

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