It happens so quickly. You sit there, holding your breath, switching you gaze from looking so closely to looking away; and then, in a flash your whole life changes. A second small line appears, faintly – the promise of ten little toes and ten little fingers, two perfect eyes and one little nose. Who could have imagined such a faint line could so quickly throw you into a pool of such immense excitement, anxiety and questions? Before a moment has passed so many thoughts are running through your mind – will they be a girl or a boy? Will they have curly hair? Whose eyes will they have? What kind of parent will I be? Will they be tall?
You start to count the weeks just trying to figure out when you will first meet them. You start to imagine how life will be when you hear the little pitter-patter quickly making it’s way from one side of the house to the other as they learn to run. Imagining their first smile and sharing the night with cuddles and shushes. Imagining how it will feel when they are bigger and moving around. Imagining holding them in your arms on a Sunday morning wondering how life could ever be so perfect. Nine months starts to feel so far away, but they will grow quickly and time will fly, too. You may be scared, but so excited – nothing in life will ever be like this moment; full of promise and the future.

I was lucky enough to meet little Xaviah in September this year and his beautiful family. It was a pleasure to be able to capture some moments of little Xaviah for his family to cherish.


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