There is a favourite moment for every parent. A favourite part about being a parent. On this big journey you never could have prepared for enough there are moments that make everything worth while. It could be when you finally manage to get a full night’s sleep and wake up together, smiling and sharing a moment of bliss and happiness. Both well rested and thankful for the other. The moment that you realise you have created this beautiful soul that will be the best friend that life could have blessed you with. You created this life with hard working hands and love in your heart. It could be the moment before they drift to sleep when two sleepy eyes look up at you and stare silently, everything around you falling away as you rock side to side and hold your world in your arms. These moments are the ones you will remember for years to come – the ones that will make you wish you could turn back time when they are older and skipping off to school full of independence and excitement.

These moments are nothing more than a few blissful seconds wrapped in the chaos of life that last eternity. The moments that make being a parent the greatest journey you could have never prepared for.

It was a pleasure to capture some special moments of Marley with her beautiful family.


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