In the activity of the birthing room you are surrounded by sounds and movement. Even the most calm of births seem to become a hive of activity at times. It’s different for everyone of course, but at the moment of birth whether you experience the feel of a warm newborn being placed against your bare skin or your child is whisked off to be assessed…at some point there will come a time of silence. It’s this moment, sometimes minutes after the birth and sometimes days. When it’s quiet, just you and the tiny person you created. You stare into their eyes and they hold you gaze with such candour that it’s nearly impossible to believe they don’t hold the secrets of the universe within themselves and behind those wise eyes. You trace their cheek with a soft touch and lift their head to your nose to inhale the scent of the crown of their head. You marvel at the alchemy of love between a parent and their child. You’ve never felt so lucky.


To be able to kiss the rosy cheeks and hold in our arms the greatest love of your life. To bear witness to their first smile and feel as if the world just lit up a little more. To now be able to picture your future with such clarity, and the promise of perfection within chaos, as you embark upon the single most life altering journey of your life.


Nothing prepares you for this. How lucky you are to have your lives change for the better, to be given the greatest gift in the world and to be able to experience a love so powerful it was simply unimaginable beforehand. In that one quiet moment this all washes over you. And you realise how blessed you are.


It was a pleasure to be able to capture some special moments of Alva and her beautiful family to hold on to forever.

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