I am stronger than I anticipated.

I created life in this body of mine, and held the love of my life for the first 9 months of theirs. I was stretched out beyond measures and learnt to function on the littlest amount of sleep I had ever lived on, for months. I held you on my chest after the greatest pain I have ever experienced and smiled as I looked at the gentle rise and fall of your chest on mine. I woke up night after night to tended to your needs at all hours. I counted all your fingers and toes as you drifted to sleep and I thought of all the things that I have needed to do for the last few days. I look down at my stomach and remember when I used to see you dancing in my belly; and then rush back to changing your outfits for the third… fourth… fifth time today.

I discovered a new found commitment. I discovered a love greater than life itself. I created life. My best friend. My love. My family.

It was a pleasure to capture some precious moments of little Harper and her beautiful Family.

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