Baby names with cute nicknames

Baby names with the cutest nicknames

Baby names with cute nicknames

Whether you are expecting a baby, planning in advance or if you’re just like me and like to think up names you could have called your children if you had your time again, you should enjoy this blog series of baby names.

In this post we have listed our favourite baby names that have really adorable nicknames. Some of these nicknames are also cute names in their own right!

Let us know what you think, or if you have an all time favourite nickname/name.


Benjamin – Benji
Angus – Gus
Tobias – Toby
Asher/Ashton – Ash
Theodore Р Theo
Sebastian – Seb
Elijah/Elliott – Eli
Oliver – Ollie
Lennox – Lenny
Archer – Archie
Edward – Teddy



Aurora – Rory
Matilda – Tilly
Emmeline – Emmy
Addison/Adelaide – Addy
Eleanor – Nora/Ellie
Delaney – Del/Della
Amelia – Milly
Talulah – Tully
Lucy/Lucinda – Lulu
Harriet – Hattie
Francesca – Frankie

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