3 reasons I love being a photographer

I always had an interest in photography when I was younger. I was given my first camera by my Dad when I was in Grade 10, but it wasn’t until I had children of my own and surrounded myself with Mums who shared the same interest in photography that I decided to take it more seriously and my passion was ignited. I’ve been photographing under my business name for 10 years now and love it just as much as the day I started, possibly even more!

Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I get to be my own boss in a job that I absolutely love, that allows me to be creative and to meet some of the most beautiful families at a time in their lives when they are so incredibly happy.

Here are 3 of the many reasons why I love being a photographer;

  1. I adore photographing babies. There is an innocence to these new little people, having just entered the world and so reliant on their parents who will inevitably mould them into the adults they will become one day. I love seeing parents in that learning stage where they are getting to know their little one, figuring out how it all works. The way are just bursting with love for their baby but also rediscovering their love for each other as they marvel at what they’ve created together. It’s such a special time
  2. It gives me a sense of pride that I’ve created something that has made my clients so happy. They are overjoyed that they will have these special photos to remember this time in their life. It’s amazing to have the opportunity and responsibility to freeze a moment in time that someone someday will treasure. Because time doesn’t stand still, in fact it goes by so incredibly fast and sometimes you forget to take a second to be in the moment. Photographs allow you to return to those moments many years later and to relive them.
  3. That feeling of nostalgia. I love looking back and remembering what my children were like at a certain age. I sometimes have regret, when I feel like maybe there was a way I could have created more memories with them while they were little, however I am thankful that I have so many special photos to treasure and to show them and my grandchildren in the future. Especially all those events like camping trips, sports and holidays we share as a family. My greatest accomplishment will always be raising our boys and being proud of the life we have created.


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