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Top Baby Names 2019 – Australia

I’ve always had a fascination with baby names and I’m always so excited to hear what my clients have named their little ones.

I still have a mental list of names I love even though I have no intention of ever using them.

What was the top names in the year you were born? Pretty sure my name wouldn’t have made the top 100. Around the time I was born the top baby names were Sarah and Daniel.

Research site McCrindle has come up with their annual list of the top baby names in Australia. 

If you are having a baby in 2020, maybe this list will help with your name choice. Or perhaps you like names that are not so popular.

Here we have the Top 10 Baby (Boy & Girl) Names in Australia for 2019;

Top 10 Boys Names

1 – Oliver

2 – Jack

3 – William

4 – Noah

5 – Henry

6 – Thomas

7 – Leo

8 – Lucas

9 – James

10 – Liam

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Top 10 Girls Names

1 – Charlotte

2 – Olivia

3 – Amelia

4 – Ava

5 – Mia

6 – Isla

7 – Grace

8 – Harper

9 – Chloe

10 – Willow

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See the full 100 Top Names and more stats here https://mccrindle.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019BabyNamesAustralia_Report_McCrindle_May2019.pdf


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