Photos to treasure – Baby Leahna

I’ve met this lovely family on multiple occasions now to photograph their special family memories. Baby Leahna’s mum (raisingdarlingdaughters on instagram) had these beautiful words to share that sum up what having these family photographs means to her and her family. I just had to share them with you…

“There is something incredibly special about getting family photos done.. a special moment in time captured. The little smiles, the tiny wrinkles and lines that will change over time. Especially as parents its sometimes hard to be in the photos. We have 100’s and 1000’s of photos on our phones of ours kids, but as parents, we have hardly any photos where we are in them aswell. Especially in the newborn phase, when they are so small. I will treasure these photos forever. I want our children to grow up seeing their beautiful faces around our house in photo frames and up on walls. I will forever and always invest in photography. Especially of our family. I’m actually already planning our next family photos!”

That newborn phase does seem to pass by so quickly. Amidst the hundreds of nappies and the sleepless nights, you feel as though you have blinked and your baby is approaching their first birthday. How precious will this investment in your memories be when life slows down a little and you look back on them marvelling at just how tiny your babies used to be? When you can barely remember that little flick of hair at the back of their neck or the way they frowned when they slept?

Here are some of this family’s favourite images from their Newborn Photography session for their littlest family member, Baby Leahna….

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