My Photography Style

I’ve had lots of conversations in the studio lately about the style of my photography and why certain clients booked me after viewing my work.

Before I go into that, let’s rewind a little back to something I mentioned on Instagram recently about how important it is to view your photographer’s work before booking to make sure the style they offer resonates with you. 

Just like you shouldn’t go to a tattoo artist who does black and white work and ask for a colourful watercolour tattoo (yes I have done this in the past *cringe*), you should not expect a photographer with a light and airy style to satisfy your dreams of dark moody images. You are always going to get the absolute best outcome by choosing someone who specialises in the type of photography style you love, because this is what they do every day. They have honed their skills in this area and are confident in producing that style of work for you.

So what is my style…?

This is something that has evolved over the years and I have refined to a point that I feel clients  can now see what that style is by looking at my Facebook/Instagram/Website galleries.

If I had to sum it up in three words I would describe it as,

Classic… Timeless… Genuine

I prefer to use lighter colours, predominantly neutrals with soft accent colours to complement.


I love the texture of wool and the eternal quality of lace.


I like to add in natural elements with florals and greenery.


My favourite hard props are those that are made from wood or rattan.


I generally start my sessions with baby wrapped to help them to feel calm and relaxed in their new environment. As the session progresses we work our way down to unclothed shots.


I like to include tasteful accessories such as bonnets, beanies, tiebacks and floral crowns in my setups to provide an alternative look. Of course if you prefer I don’t use them, that is ok too.


My number one consideration when I’m setting up for my sessions is to use colours, props and textures that won’t take over in a photo. My subject is always the number one focus, complemented by their surroundings because these images are to document your baby and I want you to enjoy them for many years to come!

If this style of photography is what speaks to you and you can imagine your little one being captured in this way, please get in touch and we can discuss booking in your very own session.

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