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A little “Get to know me” – Peta Nikel Photography

Some of you may already know me or have spent time with me, so to you Hello, I’m glad you are here!

However some of you might be new here or not know me at all, so welcome, I hope you enjoy.

Usually I keep my blog about all things bumps, babies and family photography, but for this rare occasion, I’d love to introduce myself to you or perhaps you’ll get to know me a little bit more. 

My name is Peta. I live in the beautiful state of Tasmania and I am so blessed to call this place my home. My studio is nestled at my home in the hills of Honeywood, a beautiful semi rural quiet corner just 5 minutes from Brighton.  When I’m not working away you’ll often find me outside enjoying the sounds of nature in the sun, unless it’s Winter and then I’m snuggled up inside with a glass of wine at the end of the week.

I’m also a Mum to 2 wonderful boys, Jakeb and Kodi, as well as our angel baby Amber and wife of 17 years to Craig.

Peta Nikel Photography
Photo by Nova Photography NZ

I feel pretty lucky that I get to live where I work and welcome all these amazing families and babies into my calm studio space, where we create some magical memories for you to keep for a lifetime. I have worked hard on my craft and building something I am pretty proud of. 

How did I get into photography?

My love for photography began in my youth when I was given my first camera by my Dad. My passion really took flight when I had children of my own, meeting Mums with the same interest as me and I decided this is something I really want to work towards …and here we are 12 years later living out my passion as my job. I still have to pinch myself that I get to live my dream everyday and it wouldn’t be possible without people like you. So thank you for supporting me.

I have a background in accounting from my previous jobs, I love numbers, budgets and spreadsheets! I’m pretty grateful for this because I believe it’s what’s helped support my dream of running my own photography business. 

Do I love to travel?

I love to travel and have been so lucky to be able to have the opportunity to visit some stunning places, both in and outside of Australia. I particularly loved our trip to the South Island of NZ as it was so fun to experience some adventurous activities with my boys. However I am usually quite partial to a warm sunny beach holiday.

One day I’d love to travel to Italy and the Greek Islands. I also love to see the sites of Tasmania in a caravan. Maybe one day I might venture even further and explore more of the mainland.

How do I take your coffee?

I am not a coffee drinker at all, but I love a good cup or tea (or 3…a day). 

What is a product that I can’t live without?

In no particular order I cannot live without my electric blanket, chocolate and my skincare products.

What is something I like to do in my spare time?

I love to go camping or caravanning and exploring our beautiful state. I often enjoy listening to true crime podcasts as a way to pass the time when driving long distances too.I like to attend AFL games with my family and am a supporter of the Geelong Cats.

What’s one thing people know about me?

Those who know me, know how organised I love to be. This is my inner Virgo! I feel safe when I am organized and have things the way I like. I’m also pretty loyal and reliable, so while some people don’t share my love for organised perfection, they love me for all my traits.

What is something that instantly makes my day better?

Definitely music, sunshine and my dog Cruz. Music always puts me in a good mood. I love a wide range of music but Country music will always put me in a good mood (Lee Brice, Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen etc) or a round of family car pool karaoke to “I would walk 5oo miles” always works a treat!

Peta Nikel Photographer
Photo by Amber Robinson

If it sounds like I’m your kind of person and you’d like to meet up and have your family’s portraits captured by me, please get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.

Please be sure to book in advance as spaces are limited and fill quickly. You can click here to send me and email and tell me all about the type of session you require.

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