All your questions answered – Baby Milestone Sessions

I’m often asked if I only photograph Newborns, and the answer to that is no. My next most favourite age to photograph is 6-10 months old, this is such a milestone age. Your baby has most likely learnt to sit unaided within this time and developed their own unique little personality, often easily entertained and giving lots of smiles. Because at this age, they haven’t yet mastered the skill of walking, I can capture them without them running away from the camera. I just love the wonderful expressions and the variety of images I can capture at this age.

I love seeing my newborns return for a milestone session, it is so nice to see how much they have grown and changed in that time.

These sessions are available on weekdays in the studio and can also include parents and sibling photos, with the main focus being on baby.

What’s Included in a Milestone Session?

Preparation is the key to a relaxed experience and a good Milestone session. This includes ensuring your baby is well rested as well as thinking about what you’d like your baby (and family) to wear for your photos. 

Your Milestone Session Includes;

– Preparation emails prior to your session, full of lots of information to help you feel relaxed and prepared for your session.

– The option to use clothing for your baby from my studio wardrobe.

– Your milestone session at my studio, including time for family and sibling portraits.

– An ordering appointment to see your beautiful photographs and choose which ones you’d like to order.

– Professional editing and retouching of your selected photographs from your session.

What can I expect from a Milestone Session?

Within 1-2 weeks you will be invited back to the studio to view and select from approx 30 images from your session. The images will use the same soft colour palette and neutral tones found in my newborn images.

You will see;

– Images capturing your baby’s different expressions – both smiles and serious faces

– Your baby’s developmental stage, as this can differ greatly between 6 and 9 months

– A soft colour palette with minimal props

What should my baby wear?

My studio wardrobe contains a range of outfits to fit 4-12 month olds (some pictured below) that you are welcome to choose from.

If you are bringing along your own outfits 2-3 changes is usually sufficient, taking into account baby’s tolerance for being changed multiple times as well as being photographed.

Here are some tip for choosing your own outfits;

– Keep colours soft or choose neutrals. Think white, cream, tan, oatmeal, grey, pale pink or blue, sage green.

– Avoid clothing with patterns and logos as they are distracting to the eye.

– Think about whether baby’s nappy can be seen under or through the fabric. You may need a nappy cover or a plain nappy. Dresses tend to show baby’s nappy when she is moving around.

– Overalls can look cute but if they are too big they do tend to ride up under baby’s chin. It’s a good idea to test this at home.

What should I bring to my session?

– Any outfits you’d like to include

– Your child’s special toy you’d like to have photographed or toys you know will get baby’s attention if we need it

– Snacks and drinks if your baby is eating solids

How do I book?

As I take a limited number of sessions per month, please make sure you book in advance. 

To book your session please contact me here letting me know how old your baby is, and which month you’d like to have your session and I can send you further details and availability.

Newborn clients receive a complimentary session fee and 10% off collections.

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