Dear Future Clients – why I don’t JUST sell digital files

Dear Future Clients,

I’d love to talk to you today about why I don’t just sell digital files and why it’s so important to me that you have tangible printed products.

As a photographer, I understand that the photos I capture are more than just images. They’re moments frozen in time, memories that you will cherish for years to come. And that’s why I believe it’s so important to have something physical to hold onto, to look at, and to pass down to future generations.

Digital files are certainly convenient in this day and age. They can be easily shared with family and friends, posted on social media, and stored on your computer or in the cloud. But what happens when your computer crashes, or you accidentally delete a file? All those precious memories could be lost forever. And what about when your children or grandchildren want to look back at family photos years from now? Will they be scrolling through your Facebook feed, trying to find that one special photo? Or will they be able to hold a beautiful album or framed print in their hands, feeling the texture of the paper and experiencing the moment in a more tangible way?

Printed products are also a way to enhance the beauty of your photos. They can be printed on high-quality paper or canvas, creating stunning wall art that transforms any room in your home. Imagine walking into your living room and seeing a gorgeous canvas print of your family smiling and laughing together. Or opening an album filled with photos from your child’s newborn session, feeling the weight of the book in your hands, and reliving those precious memories.

When you purchase a collection from me you are getting the best of both worlds and you will receive both product/s and digital files. I truly believe that your images are worth the investment. You’re not just buying a photo, you’re investing in a memory that will last a lifetime. And when you consider the fact that technology is constantly changing, making older digital files obsolete, it’s clear that printed products offer a more enduring solution.

So, dear clients, I urge you to consider the value of printed products when you’re thinking about your photography investment. Whether it’s a beautiful album, a framed print, or a stunning piece of wall art, these products will bring joy to your life for years to come. Let’s create something that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Sincerely, Peta

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