Tasmanian baby name trends 2023

2023 Baby Name Trends in Tasmania so far…

Pregnancy brings with it a whirlwind of emotions, from the anticipation of meeting your little one to the joy of imagining the future you’ll share together. Amidst all this excitement, one task often stands out as both thrilling and daunting—the selection of the perfect baby name. It’s a choice that will define your child’s identity for a lifetime, a name they will carry through every chapter of their story. After all, a name is more than just letters strung together; it’s a reflection of dreams, hopes, and aspirations for the future.

So, let’s embark on this meaningful journey together and explore the baby naming trends so far this year in Tasmania.

Some of the trends we are seeing…

  • According to a report from McCrindle research, Tasmania is the only state that lists Elsie in their top 10 list.
  • It’s probably no surprise that classic names remain really popular. I see a lot of classic names being used by my clients.
  • Nature-inspired names are popular. Think names such as WIllow and Daisy
  • Tasmania parents like names ending in the ‘y’ ‘ie’ such as Ruby, Archie, Henry.


1 – Oliver

2 – Henry/George (tied)

3 – Hudson/Archie (tied)

4 – Noah

5 – Theodore/Charlie (tied)

6 – Leo/Jack (tied)

Baby Archie


1 – Grace

2 – Willow

3 – Charlotte

4 – Mia/Matilda/Hazel (tied)

5 – Elsie

6 – Harper

7- Isla/Daisy/Ruby (tied)

Baby Charlotte

What did you think of these trends? Are you seeing these names pop up in your circle of friends or have you used one of these names yourself?

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