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2023 Wrap up – all of the best moments

As the year draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the countless magical moments shared with the tiniest clients who graced my lens in 2023. Being a newborn and baby milestone photographer has allowed me to witness the most incredible journey—capturing the essence of these precious early days and celebrating each family’s adventure.


In this year-end blog post, join me in a whimsical journey as we highlight the most memorable moments from 2023. From the little ones with the biggest smiles to the most impressive head full of luxurious locks, this post is a heartfelt ode to the some of the adorable babies who stole the show.


But, before we dive into the adorable details, I want to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to each and every family that entrusted me with the privilege of freezing these fleeting moments in time. Your warmth, trust, and the joy you shared during our sessions have made this year an absolute delight.


So join me in reliving the charm and sweetness that defined 2023—a year filled with baby smiles, tender snuggles, and the magic of capturing those one-of-a-kind baby milestones. Thank you for making this year an unforgettable chapter in my photography journey!


Sweetest set of twins

Even though I only photographed one set of twins in 2023, these sisters were just adorable. Meet Florence and Hannah.


Hobart Newborn Twins Photographer


Oldest Sleepy “Newborn”

An older Newborn session is when a baby comes for a session after 4 weeks of age. These sessions are always baby led and we generally get a mixture of awake and asleep photos. At 3 months old both Eliana and Spencer’s sessions are probably classed more as a Milestone session but we got really lucky with being able to capture sleepy photos.



Best Hair

This was a hard one, I couldn’t choose just one baby so I have chosen newborns Lailah for her beautiful dark curls and Lily with her long hair. As well as Zoe, who at 8 months old has the most amazing head full of hair.


Hobart Newborn Photographer
Hobart Newborn Photographer
Hobart Baby Milestone Photographer


Longest Eyelashes

Some babies are super lucky to be born with such long eyelashes. For this I have chosen a baby girl and a baby boy.



Millie and Jack!


Hobart Newborn Photographer


Biggest Newborn Smile

Some days I just get lucky and I capture a beautiful smile during a newborn session. On other days the babies wait until I put my camera down to bring out their grins.


Marley and Hudson were two that I managed to capture.


Hobart Newborn Photographer
Hobart Newborn Photographer


Most Popular

I’ve used my stats on Facebook and Instagram to come up with the most popular photo posted to social media, based on reach, likes and comments.


The NUMBER ONE most popular photo of 2023 was this one of the Oates siblings….


Hobart Newborn Photographer

And the runner up was proud big brother Noah with his new baby sister


Here’s to another year of joy, growth, and capturing the magic of new beginnings. As we turn the page on this chapter, I eagerly anticipate the countless untold stories waiting to unfold through my lens in the coming year. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a new year filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.


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